Vision & Mission


Our people is our core asset who always trying to achieve their highest potentials. We are educators, researchers. and students who aspire to design, build and invent a better future.

However, the world is facing global urban population growth, damaging changes in climate, limited resources, degradation of environmental system as well as natural or man-made hazard, society needs reliable, resilient and sustainable infrastructures, These critical facilities; building structures, transportation, water and environment resources, soil structures should be well designed, built, and operated to ensure productive mobility, resiliency and sustainability for the people.

Therefore, the Vision of Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of engineering, Universitas Sebelas Maret is In 2030 to become A Leading Higher Educational Institution at International Level in the Development of Engineering Fields based on National’s Noble Cultural Values.


  1. Conducting a rigorous civil engineering education but rich in learning experiences to produce graduates who are ready to become leaders in the civil engineering profession and in the broader social context.
  2. Producing, disseminating, and applying science and technology in collaboration with all parties to solve complex engineering problems in society.
  3. Building the ability and community spirit to work more effectively, creatively, and wisely for the nation’s progress.