For further admission to the CE study program, please consult to the:


Instruction for getting to the CE Department campus may be found here.

Applying to Civil Engineering Study Program

Civil engineering department offers several nationally accredited (BAN) study programs ranging from vocational to undergraduate to graduate level.

Please visit admissions office (SPMB) of Universitas Sebelas Maret to apply as vocational, undergraduate and graduate student to civil engineering program. The office administers centralized application process.

Diploma Admissions:

Information on selection procedure and schedule of new student admissions for Diploma Study Program can be obtained at ddmissions office (SPMB).

Please visit the

Undergraduate admissions:

Three different route is possible for applications; SNMPTN, SBMPTN and Mandiri.

Please visit the

Graduate admission:

At UNS, decision for graduate admissions are decided by each departments while the process of application is administered centrally by admissions office.

Please visit the