Student’s life

In addition to being fully involved in classroom education, civil engineering undergraduate students enjoy full-time student activities at University, Faculty and CE Department levels. They are active in various fields of sports and arts, self-development, science and technology, and community service. They dare to compete at national and international level to design and solve community problems.

Civil Engineering Student Association

The Civil Engineering Student Association is the official student organization at the civil engineering department. Through its annual program, HMS aims to encourage and organize a vibrant and mutually supportive community of students so that every student can realize their highest potential, gain ecellence in civil engineering science and technology and social integrity.

Civil week

Civil Week is a HMS flagship activity. During the whole week in October there are design competitions, writing competitions, seminars, workshops, and vibrant closing ceremony. This national-level competition attracts a lot of interest and produces creative winners.

In addition to competition, in civil week 2017, HMS organizes community service. A large number of undergraduates of the civil engineering program helped the community to complete the construction of village roads.

The civil week’s annual event is sponsored by many of Indonesia’s major construction companies.