Undergraduate (S1)

The civil engineering undergraduate program at Universitas Sebelas Maret is a four-year higher education program. Students of civil engineering study programs acquire knowledge of basic science, extensive technical knowledge, and professional knowledge and select the focus of specialization that they are interested in. Upon graduation from the study program, students will be awarded a Sarjana Teknik (ST) – equivalent to BSc – and ready to work in the construction industry or government agencies, obtain certified professional engineers, or continue their studies at the graduate level.

Graduates Professional Profiles

As the educational objectives have been formulated, Civil Engineering Department FT UNS expects its graduates to have professional profile [PP] as:

Infrastructure Planners who carry out conceptual and technical thinking processes to organize, manage and evaluate the activities required to achieve civil infrastructure development objectives.

Designers who are capable of performing the design process of civil structures in certain environments with CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) to:

[a] produce creative and tested designs, [b] solve problems encountered and [c] formulate clear specifications to realize the design.

Contractors and Supervisors of construction and infrastructure projects who are able to use the concept and principles of management and construction methods and technology to realize civil designs that meet the
criteria and standards.

Operators who are capable of performing operations and maintenance by ensuring the functionality and sustainability of the infrastructure facilities he/she is responsible for.

Policymakers who conduct precise and accurate assessments in accordance with scientific principles to assist in the formulation of policies and good decision-making in infrastructure development in society. especially in the civil engineering discipline.