Undergraduate curriculum  


To realize the program educational objectives and learning outcomes, Civil Engineering Study Program FT UNS devised a curriculum designed to be completed in 8 semesters, 4 years.


Course weight is calculated in credit units (sks). 1 credit unit is equivalent to 1 hour of scheduled activities (classroom, practicum, lecture, etc.), 1 hour of structured task (homework, assignments, etc.), and 1 hour of independent activity (reading, etc.).


1 sks = 1 hour C + 1 hour A + 1 Hour M

C = scheduled activities (classroom meetings, lab work, lectures, etc.)

A = structured task activity (assignments, homework, etc.)

I = independent activities (reading references, etc.).


Each hour is accompanied by a 10-minute break.



Degree requirement


To earn a bachelor degree in engineering students must complete 145 credits.


Students must complete 133 sks of compulsory courses comprises of:

36 sks of courses in math and basic science

74 sks of courses in engineering science

16 sks of courses in humanities and social sciences

2 sks of internships

5 sks of final project


Students may choose:

12 sks of electives courses