People need clean water and air and better waste and wastewater treatment to ensure their health, reliable transportation infrastructure for productive mobility, decent building for homes, schools, work places, and community services. People need infrastructure to improve quality of life and enhance civilization.


On the other hand, development brings people to the problem of negative ecological impact, climate change and environmental degradation. Challenges also arise from the threat of natural or man-made disasters.


Civil engineering serves and seeks to solve human problems. Based on the principles of science and engineering we conduct research to understand and address community problems.


Our research is dedicated to ensuring productive mobility, strengthening infrastructure resilience, and enhancing the sustainability of our communities. We try to take a new, multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach to better understand the issues and propose solutions that have a positive impact.


Ten research groups with their roadmaps are working in the whole spectrum of civil engineering knowledge:2

     1.  UNS Geoscience
     2.  SMARTCrete
     3.  Roadmate
     4.  SMARTWood
     5.  SMARTComposite
     6.  SMARTQuake (Center of Study on  
         Earthquake Engineering)
     7.   Infrastruktur Keairan & Lingkungan
     8.   Transportasi Berkelanjutan
     9.   Transportation Modelling
     10. Green Construction Toward Green


These research groups synergizes among and cooperates with laboratories within Faculty and University to explore the development of science and engineering solution and devote it to the prosperity of the community.


In rural, urban or inter-urban area, from underground to supra-structure, we serve company and community in solving their pressing problem. We offer our expertise in various areas of civil engineering. Equips with field and laboratory instruments, our experts try to understand the root cause of the problem, seek and the develop solutions.  Our approach is comprehensive and will bring benefit to the clients.

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